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Satellite Phones

Satellite Phone Rentals Metro Vancouver...& Beyond

Travelling somewhere where there is absolutely no cell service? Rent a Satellite Phone in Metro Vancouver! Alltypes Communication Services provides Iridium Satellite phones available for both short and long term rentals, insuring you can travel in safety at all times.

The Iridium Satellite Phones have pole to pole capabilities. As long as the antenna sees the sky, the call can be connected. Iridium phones are military grade and very durable. Weight is about 9oz. The latest model XTREME, is jet water resistant & shock resistant.

Ask about texting and voicemail.

Satellite Tip: Have emergency numbers handy when out of cell range. Satellite phones DO NOT recognize the 911 system.

Note: Not all models may be available for specific rental dates. We recommend to book your rental ahead.

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